Santa came early

Ive already showed you my lovely, but sad, friday evening saying goodbye to Katta. I had a lot of plans for the rest of the weekend, some i did, some i didnt. My main issue right now is not sleeping through the night so i nap instead. Killer for the productivity. But hey, a girl is brewing a human so at least she is getting something done.

Saturdays plan was to meet Lollo and some of her girls for brunch. Which i did! I ate, i drank tea and i gossiped. Mission accomplished.

Before that however i got woken from my sweet nap by a delivery. All the way from Australia. George crazy, but lovely, family had sent us not one, but two amazing Christmas gifts.

They were huge!!

I mean, look at these bad boys. We decided, for the sake of space, that we would open them straight away. Its a bit of puzzle at home right now so everything needs to find a place.

George was happy but a teeny bit apprehensive. Its getting very real when you no longer get gifts for yourself from your parents 🙂

An amazing playmat and a bouncer. Thank you soooo much. Baby Munstev is going to be so spoilt.

Hell to the yes we are happy about all of these amazing things.

Then i put on nice clothes and pretended to be not pregnant by hiding the belly and having all the waiters at the brunch offering me alcohol.

On Sunday it was the second of advent. Lit the candles, ate some dough and made George help me clear the flat for the last set of things coming on tuesday. With the bed and the pram finally arriving we need to make even more space.

But we did it and now we are ready for not only the baby things but the swedish invasion which is my sisters family. It will be epic.

Ha, wanted to take some nice belly pictures but you know, its me so its ends up like this instead. Looks like im holding a ball.

Here it just looks absolutely massive. But i promise, its actually bang on the curve. 11.5kg up and the fundal height is around 34cm so nothing too crazy going on in there.

Midwife tomorrow and then lots of NTC courses this week. Plus only like 15 days left at work. Its becoming real people.

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