Breeding away

I just had a proper ‘damn i feel pregnant and hate being reduced to a breeding body’ moment. I was walking down the street and the pelvic pain (foglossning) is particularly bad today. Its normally manageable but hes shifted somehow so it hurt a lot more than normal. Got stopped by a very sweet woman who turned out to be a nurse. She asked if i was ok. I am but it becomes very apparent you are not on top of your game when stopped in the street.

Then our letting agency contacted me and said that since George paid the deposit he needs to confirm the bank account to have it paid out. He didnt pay the deposit. I did. I handle all our money. I just hate the white middle age men assume its the man that deal with it to the point that they wont pay it out unless he confirms.

So yes, have a very ‘fuck it’ moment hating on men treating women like less capable and the fact that pregnancy literally makes us less capable. On top of that is the fact that my role gets scrapped due to me being preggers. I mean, i could move to Paris but who the fuck wants that?

Anyways. 5 weeks to go. Im in week 35 and the baby is around 46cm and weighs 2.8kg so no wonder is tight in there. I understand why most people go on maternity around a month before here. We have our last NCT course tonight and then its just rolling on til Christmas. Cant wait.

Me in my new fake fur doing some sales shopping at HM. Two long sweaters. That belly and i do not know how to dress any longer and since maternity tights is the dream i got jumpers to rock that in.

Plus the fur is like a lil baby seal. So smooth and shiny.

Christmas party thursday, Lollo glogg on Friday and sister plus family on satuday. I can do this!

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