Anti everything

Life huh! Especially with a newborn. What people don’t warn you about is exactly how draining it is to breastfeed every three hour (or less) or even worse, when you can’t and have to pump instead.

Add to that getting mastitis which is a fucking killer pain wise and with a fever on top. Mine reached 39 at its peak. I couldn’t even hold him I felt so weak.

And when the fever died down I got herpes. All over my face. Both nostrils and mouth. I mean, come on… not only is it painful but dangerous to small babies.

So here we are. I’m on antibiotics and anti viral medicine and George is seriously cranky from doing all the leg work the last couple of days. I did do last night though and he is out today so hope the antibiotics work quick snap.

Good thing he is such a little angel

Maggie was here Tuesday to Wednesday. So lovely to have her here. She brought Victor and we got to go pram strolling together

Here you can see my fever face. Maggie has to go home a day early and that was probably for the best since I was dying.
But we had a lovely time rolling our prams together in the park. it’s something special about getting to share that.
She took some great photos with her proper camera
Today we are just taking it easy at home. Kicking this all over body infection in the balls.
My little hero is all in on the resting. He has been super fussy the last couple of days so we are changing his formula and hoping for the best


He is getting bigger. 19 days today and he is becoming slightly more of a person. If a person just went between eating, sleeping and pooing.

He has his quirks though. Prefer being awake early morning and sleep in the afternoon (weirdo). He loves his pram and his daddy’s chest. He will take the boob with a nipple shield on but prefer the bottle. And the dummy is a lifesaver.

Mostly he is sweet and happy and loves hearing our voices and looking at the lamp. He smiles in his sleep and farts like a champ.

I love him endlessly. Even if I sometimes despair at the endless feeding I mostly just put on some music and sing to my little guy. He will grow up too soon so I’m enjoying this time while I can.

Just love his little kissy face.

Yesterday went for Sitas leaving lunch. Lukas was awake and hanging out the whole time. He likes sounds and people.

Then we came home and I despaired about the size of my boobs. They are huuuuge.

Also had a moment when W wanted to play, L wanted to feed and I wanted dinner.

Lukas was the only winner.

W brought all his toys but no luck. Not easy having been reduced to nr 2.

But I put them all to sleep eventually and went to make myself a culinary masterpiece of tunnbrod.

My eating is so shit at the moment. All chocolate and sandwiches. George makes me normal food but I can’t take care of myself when he is not around.

A baby blog…

I’m sorry guys but this is turning into a baby blog. Not because all I can think of is the baby (at least not only that) but because I don’t do anything than hang with the baby.

He’s everywhere…

Today we went to the health clinic and then to HM to find me some breastfeeding friendly clothes. Too bad for me everything is polo necks and like Amish necklines at the moment. Not fitting for my milk filled bazookas. Or for my messy little eater.

People keep asking me if I left the house yet. Yes! It’s not that exciting at home. I mean, Lukas is super cute but he sleeps 18h a day.

Right now…superman styled sleeping. His favourite awake time is 4am. I seem to remember that from pregnancy…

We need to have words little one.

And, we took a bath. And then he peed on me.

Life is filled with unexpected adventures.

But, I did buy this beautiful print from my friend Danny’s girlfriend Pow. She makes these gorgeous handpainted prints and I absolutely love this one. Plus amazing to be able to support independent artists,

I’m also getting an L one for Lukas future nursery. It will be filled with prints by friends and small artists.

I can tell he loves it.

So long guys, me and my milk drink little guy is going to chill at home eating sushi. George is out seeing friends so it’s just me and the little angel.

Life with you

We are starting to fall into a routine. Ish. It’s mostly adapted around Lukas. Poor W didn’t get his walk until 1pm yesterday.

But we feed, sleep, nap, eat and repeat. George normally takes the midnight feed and I do 3am one. Means we both get some decent hours of sleep.

It’s different. Upside down and crazy and lovely and we are so, so in love with our little boy. He’s absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see him grow up.

On Friday we got a visitor from Barcelona. Gina’s old friend and Teas dad.

George instantly called his parents feeling very smug Sasho got to see Lukas before they did.

But, the best thing is that we are getting the breast feeding to work with the nipple shields. Halle fucking lulejah

This little angel is nothing but trouble and love. We will continue to both bottle feed and now do the boob. This means I can feed him on the fly and get our lovely bonding time but George can still feed him as well.

I have so much milk for now so it works great. I express around a litre a day and then feeding on top of that.

Yesterday we took a walk to Ravenscourt and met up with Emily and Sam. They are still waiting for their little one. She is 4 days overdue so hoping that their baby comes out soon.

And then miracles. W moving closet and closet to Lukas.

Yes! We getting there. The hatred has gone to reluctant acceptance.

Little boy finding his thumb. Looking smart. Think we’ll introduce a dummy soon. He’s just like his dad and is a bit insatiable.

Life is pretty damn amazing right now. Loving having my whole family around me and George is the best partner ever to do this with. He’s amazing with Lukas and takes care of me like a princess.

Another trip to the hospital

Poor little angel has thrush. We went to the hospital this morning and they confirmed it. Most likely because of the trouble feeding during the jaundice. And then the pain from the thrush would have meant he is refusing the boob.

So it’s all connected and why we just can’t get the breastfeeding right. Lucky I have a lot of milk and can keep pumping and hoping to get it right eventually. We’ll keep fighting me and my little boy. Would be a dream not having to pump 5 times a day…#cowlife

But, good news. The jaundice is gone and he is now a strong 3kg. So despite the thrush we are getting him to eat.

The cutest boy ever though.

George stayed up for all the feeds last night so I got a glorious 8h uninterrupted sleep. The absolute dream. George on the other hand looked a bit worse for wear…

After the hospital we met for one last lunch with the golden oldies before it was time to go home.

My little heart can’t take all of this cuteness.

Three generation of Munthe’s


I feel like we are aceing this. Despite going in and out of the hospital. But we are both calm and happy and help each other out. All you can do as as new baby parents.

What a lovely day and lovely weather to end this pretty shit day with.

Day 11 and we keep fighting the good fight. We have the medicines, my boobs are filled with milk and we are all healthy otherwise.

Can’t say it’s the lack of sleep that is getting me down, it’s seeing my little boy in pain or sick. But thank god for doctors and help. He is in the best of hands.

Meeting the grandparents

Busy days. Yesterday met mormor and morfar for the first time. All the love! Dad couldn’t keep his hands off him and it was so amazing seeing my parents with my child.

Slept very safely in mormors arms

Some serious bonding going on. I have a feeling these two will have some great times together.

Ha, my dad has barely rolled a pram since we were small. Looking like a pro though.

Got a proper warm little hat from Sweden as well. Beyond cute.

So nice to see them and so happy they decided to come see little Lukas when he’s just a bundle of sleep, food and poo.

They left around 8 and we were all finished then.

This morning he was extra fussy and we realised that he had thrush. Probably explains why he is refusing to eat from the boob, because it’s painful.

Unfortunately we can’t get a GP appointment until we have a birth certificate and we got that today but then it takes 3 days to register him.

So we are back to the hospital tomorrow…

Love my little boy but wish he was a tad bit healthier right now. It’s all connected to the eating though.

But we managed to have lunch in the pub before getting the birth certificate

Dad skills…

He’s getting less yellow and fattening up though. So we have to count our blessings.

So at the moment we are basically just doing skin to skin since he is such a little fuss pot with his painful mouth. Poor little guy.

The days of our lives

Lukas will meet his grandparents today. Mormor and morfar is coming to London to meet our little sleepy, poopy bundle of joy.

He’s had busy days. Yesterday Stu and Emma came over and then Rasa. So much love for this little guy. He mostly sleeps and then he pooped in Rasas arms. Mission completed.

Things are getting easier. And harder. The feeding is just not falling into place and I’m giving him the bottle more to give both him and me a break. We have a health visitor today and I’ll ask her about it. I don’t feel guilty or stressed or anything, just tired of pumping like the cow I’ve become.

Otherwise we are perfectly happy with our little family. He’s an absolute dream and couldn’t love him more.

Auntie Emma’s got the skills to pay the bills

Got so many gifts. Mr Koala and Miss Unicorn making sure I’m safe from all harm.

Just before ‘poo gate’.

And then peace. Just our little family and us.

Such a lovely time on our lives and im enjoying every minute of it, even sitting awake at 4am feeding.