It’s been almost a month. And what a crazy, wonderful, rollercoaster of a month.

In and out of hospital. Jaundice and thrush and mastitis. Trying to get the breastfeeding to work. After everything we are still using nipple shields to even get him to take the boob. But we are getting there. Him and me, working this shit out together.

I pump. At least 3 times a day. A milk machine. I’m thinking about investing in Elvie, the electrical pump you can wear in your bra. When I think of at least 5 more months strapped to my pump I cry.

Our little boy seem mostly happy though and healthy. He sleeps like a champ. A solid 4h from midnight to 4am and for 2-3h chunks throughout the day. He eats and farts (they are stinkers at the moment) and poops.

I love this. I love him and our family and being a mother. I’m struggling with some aspects but mostly I love the silent moments together with him on my chest singing a Swedish lullaby. And I love the team George and me makes.

Early mornings with my little man with the rest of the family sleeping around us.
He’s starting to become a little person with a favourite toy.
Life is long walks in the park
It’s a dream that George hasn’t had to go back full time to work.
How I love this little angel

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