Happy anniversary

I find it harder to update the blog. I mean, I don’t do anything. For reals. I just sit at home with my baby. The days fly by and I do nothing.

On Tuesday we did leave the house. It was Lukas 1 month anniversary and our 4 year. Big day for all of us.

We started the day in bed with Lukas first real smile. Yes, he is a genius…
Went for lunch at Gail’s. Yes, napkin over the baby. Works a charm.
On our way to the embassy to make this little boy a true Swede.
He’s not convinced…
Then to Scandi kitchen for a Semla. Going all Swede on this day.
And because we were so close to central we decided to go and have our anniversary dinner in town. Started with a shaky Pete’s at Hawksmoor.
Lukas making friends as always.
And then dinner at the food court were Ali works. Lovely food and even lovelier company.
At 8 we rolled home, like true baby parents we were all done. Came home to my awesome flowers from the girls. Nice being out, even better being home.

Perfect anniversary for all of us. Now I just need to figure out what to do for my bday, only a week to go and I’ve totally forgotten about it. Want to do something with my little family

I mean, who doesn’t want to spend the day with these two guys??

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