Boobs and babies

Ok, we have to talk about my boobs…they are freaking huge. I mean, first comes the boobs then come I. Can’t fit any clothes. Men are talking to them. And the squirt milk.


At least my munchkin is happy. All the milk for that hungry little guy.

Look at these bad boys…
Another awesome photo is this from phone call work grams and gramps. He looks like a little bruiser. Hooligan in the making.
Yesterday he was cool though in black. London baby!
Took a long walk with Moley and her two boys plus dog. Yes, we were the two prams, two dogs and three kids crew. Chaos galore.
So in the evening mama had a much deserved drink. Matching her baby of course.
And then Petko and Dessie came over winning the love of babies and dogs alike.
The gave us an awesome gift. For the little one but I would say for the whole family.
You’ll be happy with uncle Petko at any time little one.
Today we chill

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