About Cissi

Swede living in London with my two hairy heroes maxing out on the glowsticks and the GTs. Also trying to grow some plants in my garden. So far not so good.

Happy Luke and SW day

Our little boy is four months today. He’s (mostly) all smiles and laughter and he loves people and attention and the tv. It’s all about people for Lukas. I wonder who he’s got that from??

Both George and me have been struggling a bit over the last couple of days. Just a bit of everything. I think George will be better when he finds a job and I need to get my head around being back.

I love being here, don’t get me wrong, but there is a reason I left and a lot of old feelings and worries are starting to resurface being back here. I’m not sure how to handle them.

But, it’s mostly all fun and games. Exactly how Lukas feel about avocado 😂

He’s got some swag though. Don’t like to brag but he’s totally the coolest kid around. Fuck blue for boys, bring on all the colours.

Colour bombing the shit out of tricky days.

We also have such a crew of people around us. Had Ghobadi’s and baby bro and Sandra over for dinner on Friday.

Family and chosen family all around. Very lucky indeed.

And yesterday Sanna and me went to Lill-jansskogen. Like stepping into a Bauer fairytale world.

My somewhat sadness flew out the window for a while.

Not hating on this…

Today we are celebrating his 4 month day and Star Wars day by me going to Katta for a fika and then hopefully a nice dinner together tonight. George and me have been quite bad a focusing on us since he came. But I guess that’s what happens.

Have a lovely Monday from me and this pro cozer.

Get shit done

We are snoozing. Or, mini man is snoozing and I’m continuing my quest to get all the practical shit done. It’s a bit daunting when you are the only one who can do it.

So far this week I’ve gotten a home insurance, looked into pre school for Luke and doctor for me. I’ve also sorted weekly recipes (only way we eat well) and trying to figure out my pension. Plus finding a lawyer for my settlement. All the sexy stuff. And there is still so much on my list.

George is busy trying to find work. He had some good leads yesterday so hopefully he’ll be able to start working soon and us just not living three people on my savings and maternity. Doesn’t take us far.

This little guy is happily unaware of all the drama.

It’s all about playing with toys, reaching for stuff and cooing.

Such a little cutie.

Watching basketball with dad.

Yesterday we saw Alexandra and Chrisse. So lovely seeing them. I’m so glad to be back in Sweden with all my friends.

And my little family of course.

Today we are taking him to the doctors for vaccinations and tonight Filippa and me are having dinner while George is out. I’m not really feeling the party in corona times but nothing stops my man.

It’s you and me mini. Aceing this whole doing nothing sleeping thing.

It’s all about the fish man

Truly back in the deep end here in Sweden with parties and very social times. Loving it but also somewhat tired 😊. We are mondaying today and chilling at home. George is working and I’m on the sofa with Luke.

But, we gave baby L his first proper food. Banana time.

Loving it. He didn’t really get the spoon but loved the squeezy thing.

Big milestone little guy.

On Friday we had Alex, Olivia and Katta over for dinner. So nice to see them all. Alex is risk group with asthma so it was pretty chilled out.

Love entertaining people in our flat since it actually has a table.

On Saturday I was somewhat hungover (it’s happening kids, I’m truly becoming old) but we dressed Lucky Luke in his finest (gift from Alex and Olivia) and headed out to do town.

Look at my baby. He’s the happiest, smiliest little hero. And he’s started laughing over the last couple of days. Mainly at dads silly laugh.

In the evening we went to the Ghobadi’s. That’s Asrins parents who basically see George as their third son. And Lukas as the first grandson. Shiko stole him straight away and Lukas was so damn happy.

Baby L, getting all the attention. But he’s such a social little baby so he’s loving it.

On Sunday we went to Skansen with Jake the snake.

Lukas was somewhat interested in wolves and bears and moose.

But absolutely loved the fishes. I mean, it looks like a baby rave so totally feel him.

But it’s hard work seeing all of these totally new things so even heroes need to sleep.

Looked over by the badass men in his life. They’ve got you little dude.

But all in all he had an amazing day his first time at Skansen. Your parents will remember this one. Plus, he’s so damn big these days.

And to top off the day to perfection we met up with Tove, Fredrik and Ebba at Rosendal before finally heading home to the sofa.

With the happiest little boy in the pram home.

He’s so damn cute at the moment you just want to eat him up. But for now, it’s all about eating that banana up.

Life goes on and on

Another early morning watching the view from our flat. It’s so lovely and calm here with the only sound reaching us being the birds singing. Lukas is snoozing in my lap and I’m tired but happy.

Over the last two days we’ve been seeing friends and trying to get the last bits and bobs in place. There are still a hefty chunk on my to do list but we’ll get there. Remind me to NOT have a baby, change country and change jobs within 3 months next time 😊

George is busy applying but I’m giving myself a month to relax and enjoy maternity with no stress hanging over me. We’ll see how that goes…

My small big boy is growing away. He’s just becoming more and more of a little person.

On Monday we returned the car, I picked up my swede phone and we built Lukas bed. Productive day. And look how cozy it became.

Sleeping in his own bed.

While I tested my new camera. Pretty evening views.

On Tuesday I took this little naughty for lunch at Kattas mum while George went to war with Skatteverket. I won that day!

I mean come on. Hard not to fall in love with Sthlm when it’s like this.

Can not get over that we live so close to the beauty of Djurgården.

And yesterday we met with George’s old flatmate Sofie. She is studying to become a jeweller and we popped by the shop where she is training for the coming two years. She is helping me making my family ring smaller.

And then we popped by Kungsan before George and baby went home and I took Maggie for dinner. And yes, we had too much to talk about so took zero photos.

Came home to this crew. Looks like your adopting a family there lil dude.

Today it’s more of the same. Sunny days, baby, outside. Man I’m glad we made it to Sweden in time.

Social butterfly

Loving life in Sthlm at the moment. I know corona is serious and horrible and we are being careful and following the recommendations. But, being able to enjoy spring with friends is so lovely, especially friends I haven’t seen in a while.

On Friday the girls came over for dinner. Super casual under our crystal chandeliers. Living in the same city for the first time for 10 years.

They brought gifts and Sanna was awesomely matched with hers.

Love my girls.

On Saturday I met up with these London heroes. Can’t believe the three of us are all living in the same city as well. All roads lead to Sthlm.

Hard to not love this city in spring. Especially when it’s offers up such amazing company.

And to top this weekend off Lukas got to see his uncle. Love at first sight.

They’ll have your back for ever little guy.

Today I’m taking a walk with Katta and Alex is swinging by in the evening. So far I’ve seen more people in a week here than in like 3 months in London.

I know Sthlm will annoy me to no end at that times but right now I’m loving being here.

Sthlm, you pretty damn awesome

And we are here. Stockholm. Where I grew up. It’s weird to be back. 10 years in UK and before that 4 years at university. A big part of my life has not been spent here. I need to relearn this city. It’s not a stranger but more like a long lost friend.

So far it’s been the flat, Ikea, and a never ending view from our windows. We are venturing out today to see some more of the city but first furniture building and picking things up from Maggie.

Tired faces at Ikea

But at least our little boy is loving the flat. So much space.

And the view is epic. I see him looking out the window all the time. Never getting bored of the flat now with these views.

Good thing about waking at 5am is the epic sunrise.

Me checking sunrise, little hero working on his tummy time. He hates it so I got him this turtle to help. So far success.

Little guy chillin out on the big bed.

Seeing friends the way we do these days.

And enjoying epic views.

Sthlm, can’t wait to be in ya

And we are off. Packing up and closing down. Ready to properly start our lives as swedes. For me it’s more coming back but to my two boys it’s all new.

Can’t wait for spring and summer in sthlm. It snowed yesterday so we have a bit to go. But we’ll get there. And can’t wait to see my boy start crawling in our big flat (Lukas that is 😊)

He’s all dressed and ready to impress. Currently snoozing like a champ but that’s life. We are aiming to get to Sthlm late afternoon, no stress. George knee is still dodgy and we need to make sure we everything with us.

So, see you in Sthlm people. I’ll be walking endless loops around Djurgarden and eating cinnamon buns at Rosendahl.