And the hunt goes on

Feeling on top of the world today. I’ve had some good interviews and talks over the last week and it was sorely needed after all the no’s and postponing and not getting any answers.

It’s definitely weird COVID times. 10 times the applicants for roles and most companies being hesitant in employing. I’ve been doing the rounds for 4 months now and it’s tiring.

Met with Bonniers CEO today for a casual chat however. It was lovely. She’s all kinds of awesome. Power boss lady but also super nice and taking the time for a proper chat about work and life.

She’s putting me in contact with some people and hopefully something can come out of it. I would love to work my digital costumer magic on my dream company. But otherwise I’m actually in some great talks.

Sending me home with a stack of books is the way to my heart.

Lukas getting a job as well helping papa virtually bartend. Acting it. Everyone has to work in this family.

Work at being cute that is…

Last but not least, hello there bookshelf.

Flat on point.

Happy birthday Sanna

We went to Sanna’s birthday dinner last night. Seriously, it was so nice to get out of the house. We’ve both been on each others nerves for the last couple of days and Lukas whiny streak has not helped.

Screaming baby plus frustration equals a fantastic mood.

I’m just fed up with the work situation and George is fed up with 2020 in general. Not being able to see his parents or friends in UK is getting to us both.

But he is out tonight and I’m out on Saturday. Just need to wing two interviews tomorrow morning when George is working. Walk and talk maybe. Lukas is more likely to stay calm that way.

Mini man all ready to be Sanna’s date yesterday.

They both clearly loved it.

Awesome evening though. Drinks and Sanna and Peter’s and then dinner at Knut. Yummy!!

My table dates went easy on the wine…

Mini man fell asleep and then snoozed his way through dinner. Hero.

We went home around 21.30 and put him to bed. He slept ok so he gets to stay for another couple of days, no need to send him away.

Rest of the weeks is 3 more interviews. Keep up the good work Cissi!

Hey there

Life eh. For me it’s all about Lukas. And our new flat. And job hunting. So well, nothing much new but at the same time all new.

We love the flat. It’s our dream place. Lukas room is my little baby room dream complete with fairy lights and gold stars. And it’s something about being able to do exactly what we want here. Maybe install a jacuzzi in the living room just because we can 🤗.

Hello there Lukas lil room. Not that he is actually sleeping there, he’s still in our room but cute when he is ready.

And play time with papa on our big bed. 180. Big enough for babies AND dogs the day we are ready for that.

George waiting for quests in our kitchen. Life is best with guests in George’s book . Laura and Seb came over for dinner with the kids. So nice to see them.

Baby play time. Lukas got a whole bag of toys from mini and stella. Lucky boyo.

Our beautiful boy is growing. 9 months and a bit now. It’s all about clapping his hands and SCREAMING when he doesn’t get what he wants.

One is definitely cuter than the other…

Overall life is pretty damn good. But, the struggle is real when it comes to finding a job. I can’t really relax before that is done so right now I’m still on 3-4 interviews a week (don’t ask, most of the jobs I’m interviewing for seems to be need a lot of discussing internally what to do)

So we walk and talk and enjoy autumn in all it’s colourful glory and enjoy our time together me and my little family.

Zoo life

Skansen yesterday. That was ace. I’m not going to lie, I’m seriously struggling filling my days with anything but lukas. He’s the best but it’s a butt load of holding, playing, food making and just sitting around.

So a day of Skansen is like a much needed break from my flat. Or my baby infested life. Especially now that it’s just quiet from the potential jobs. I start fearing this is my life forever now. I would suck as a housewife.

Dressed and ready for success in his lil shoes, new autumn jacket and hat. Such a little boy.

Lukas was scared of the fish and kept holding on so tight and barely looking.

But he loved hanging with his favourite Elin. And looking at the seals.

Seal hunters.

Plus Pappa is always the best. Especially when he makes monkey noises.

It was a tired little guy after all that animal drama. The low of the fishes and the high of the piglets.

And today we are back on the sofa. I mean, if course we leave the house for a walk but a long walk is like 2h. That’s another 22 to spend making up games and entertaining. So yeah, anyone want to employ me holler!

Winds of change

Only 3 weeks until moving flat. Can’t wait!! Living in our OWN place for the first time ever. Being able to do what we want with the flat. Have an attic space. I mean, come on. Dream.

I’m planning the last bits before moving. All the boring bits. But also the fun bits. Buying sofa and bed and table and all the grown up things. Plus finally planning a room for lukas. A little boy room. He’s barely a baby any longer.

This little guy can’t wait to move into his own room.

Crawling around everywhere he needs his own space. Plus if I ever get a fucking job I need to be able to put him somewhere when I have meetings.

Big things ahead. New flat, hopefully a new job, new country. But the same amazing human being by my side.

George wanted to spoil me a bit and sent me for a skin consultation and treated me to these amazing products.

Feel very loved and spoiled and lucky. Life isn’t always easy but it’s pretty damn good. With my little family, my new flat and all my friends moving back to Sweden is the best thing we could do.

I mean, got to hang out with my sister on a random Tuesday. That’s life quality deluxe.

Not winning at life

Today is one of them not so hot days. I’m soo tired of this never ending interviewing and waiting.

I don’t get nos, it’s just that I don’t get any answers at all. It’s so slow in Sweden. I’m still in the process for the same two jobs that’s been going for almost 3 months now. But still, no answers.

It’s overwhelming with like 3 – 4 interviews a week. And stressful. I had some hope of a month of chillaxing at the end of maternity but no can do.

I mean, life is not bad. I’m just over today. And getting all that energy going for things that just take time.

We had some lovely days at the country house though. Last days of summer.

Lukas is so in love with his grandparents. Started laughing as soon as he started down the stairs to see them.

Refusing to selfie though.

He’s also all good with me leaving him with them now. Not that I’m doing anything more exciting than shower but hey, that’s worth the world.

The baby free life

Keep saying I’m going to do better. Keep not doing better #life.

Well, since last time I went to a forest rave (yes, almost 40’s cab totally do that.)

That was fun. Totally baby free. And 100% not baby mama appropriate. Meaning totally the best and what I needed.

I have also done like 500 interviews. Which is not true because I’ve done 5. But being Sweden the process takes forever so still no answers other than still being in the race.

We are celebrating that what an influencer pose.

I have also restarted the book club and started a career network with my ladies. Because a girl needs more than laying next to lukas when he sleeps every day.

The breakfast club is all about finding a space to talk work with clever ladies. Plus hopefully invite recruiters, friends and other people to network with.

Running out of baby free pics so here’s one of me and my crew 4 lyfe 9 years ago. All reunited in Sthlm.

And tomorrow is party night extra alles. 11 ladies and loads of GTs. So no complaining my end.

Plus this one is the cutest. My tiny little BFF in life.

Tonight we’ll chill before mama is off on adventures tomorrow.

Little beach bum

Yesterday we went to the beach. Or ‘beach’ if you are an Australian 😂. I mean, there was sea and some sand so here in Sweden it definitely go as a beach.

The best part is that it was cool in the shade. The dream.

Someone felt right at home. Loving the colours.

Little beach bum. He loves the water which is nice. Or at least is ok with the water. Like a true swede…

Madde and Andrea are finally back from summer holidays. Awesome duo and even better when someone drives you to the sea.

Summer feels.

Cuddles. Love that they finally get to meet. So happy to have them back here. And Lukas has another person to love.

When we came home he was totally out for the count. Little man. But awesome day on the beach.

Mr Social strikes again

It’s so hot again (and yes Gina, I know 28 degrees is kind of winter to you) and we are dying. Lukas gets heat rash and I want to hide somewhere cool. Which is nowhere. We go from room to room trying to find the cool. Being cool cats when we do it of course.

I’m also interviewing. I’m part of 4 different processes right now. Two I’ve already met with future managers and gone to the next round and two I’ve been contacted by recruiters. So I hope that something will pan out. Need to provide for my little family.

Otherwise we just chill in this super slow life. Summer and maternity is probably the chillest I’ve been since I was 10. I’m a fairly lazy person as is and this is lazy life 1000.

We dressed up and went for dinner at Katta’s.

Straight into the arms of Elin. Love.

Social kings galore. Lukas keeps working on his posse of super cool aunts and uncles. You’ll be set for life little one with these guys.

Mysing with Tom. You have your fashion advice sorted little one (talking to you Tom).

And always hugs with Katta.

Aaaaaand standard when coming home from a party. Mr no sleep Munthe Krastev.

We also babysat Alex. Well, I babysat Alex and he babysat Lukas. Win. Lukas was a tad impressed by his super cool 5 year older BFF.

Kix came home after a kid free after work buzzing on life. You deserve that! plus, you have to pay it forward when you can. Me in my mega chilled life right now have the energy.

Came home with Mr Awake. But he’s soo cute I just don’t mind.

An hour of this and then finally asleep.

Family times

It’s hard to remember to write when it’s 28 degrees outside and your brain is fried. Plus, if I’m honest, we kind of do the same thing every day. There is only so many pictures of Lukas the internet can handle…

Well, something pretty special happened. Lukas met his aunt. It was god damn love at first sight.

Passed out in the safe arms of family.

These two had a last snooze together before daddy went away to basket camp for a week.

And lucky Luke was lucky indeed chilling with the sweetest lil boy there is. Alex. Raising softies forever.

Then mama was drinking with family. Winner!

And finally reunited with the grandparents at the country house. Life!

Discussing life’s big questions.

And wearing some sexy new clothes.

Having a somewhat scary encounter with those big brown ones.

And FINALLY meeting his cousins. He didn’t even know how much he’s been longing for this day.

Hang gang ❤️

But some extra love for auntie because the worlds best hugs and laugh that one.

Yeah, it’s a hard knock life down at the country house.

But not complaining at all after these amazing days with family. We’ll be back.