Dream life

Hello from the almost 2 month mark. Everyone keeps telling you it just gets better and it does. I mean, I looooove the baby cuddles but it’s something so magical having your baby smiling at you. He is even starting to love the old peek a boo.

I mean, look at this little gorgeous guy!!

We did the 8 week vaccinations today. He’s a champ and barely cried and now hes sleeping on my chest. Did I tell you this is pretty damn amazing ❤️.

And he loves people. On Friday he met Ella for the first time. Look at the love in those eyes.

And on Saturday he spent the day with Tom and Elin. Plus Roxy. She was a very jealous little lady…

Toms an absolute natural with this baby stuff. I think he was seriously contemplating kidnapping L.

He slept through the whole thing safely in the arms of mamas friends.

We headed to found after to say hi to Oscar. Hi Oscar.

All the mama playing when you have the bar to yourself.

And our standard these days, home before 9. Never not cuddles.

Sunday was all family time at home. I got to sleep 9h. Felt like a new man.

But it’s just too cozy when you are with this little dude so almost fell asleep again.

Must say I love my life at the moment. Enough energy to leave the house, he’s a dream and still getting all the cuddles from my little snoozer.

The little fat man

We went to our first mama baby yoga class. Lukas was a little mini man compared to the others. But he was awesome. Basically it’s not really yoga, more stretches for a mama body carrying a baby around everywhere. Needed!

Look how tiny he is chillin out on the floor…

And after that thrilling morning I went to bookclub with these lovely ladies. Yes! Two activities in one day. See me rollin!

We read the beautifully written Girl, woman, other by Bernadine Evaris. Or, they read, I only got through 30%. Not blaming the book, blaming life and baby and Netflix.

Tried to take a cute picture in the morning.


There is a reason I call him my little fatsaurus…

Cheers Sita… but I do agree, I think he looks a bit like me in that pic. Must be the double chin action.

In other news I cut my hair. Guess I’m finally grown up because didn’t get princess hair. An era finally reaching its end.

And that’s it folks. It’s early morning. Fam is sleeping. Today Lukas and me are joining George working in Kensington. Exciting times.

But from the brothers always with one arm up.

A yogi lifestyle

Trying to do some light exercises at home today. I got 15 min in. Let’s agree that between baby and dog that’s pretty impressive.

He was happy playing away at the mat while W was hovering behind ass hoping this was some new game for him. Sorry buddy.

We are all getting used to the new addition. Even Woolly has accepted his fate.

Even matching with his lil bro.

My awesome family!

We all went a bit stir crazy at home yesterday. L was moaning because stomach pains and G and me were a bit snappy and tired. Still loving this life but some days are easier than others…

It’s a good thing I love him with all my heart. And that I can do things like get my hair done (tomorrow) and bookclub (Wednesday) to remember I’m a normal human being. Because I am. Somewhere deep inside.

Look at that little Popeye arm. Eat your mama milk and formula and you’ll get big and strong. He’s already pretty strong so now we are working on fat. I want croissant legs with proper folds.

But for now we sleep after all that hard work of keeping mama company through her yoga.

Happy mama happy baby

Early Saturday morning. He is sleeping on my chest and G and W are still in bed. I don’t mind the lack of sleep, this is such a special moment.

I’m finding having a newborn easier than I thought. I mean, it’s not that it’s all song and dance but I’m loving my little man and I’m not struggling that much with lack of sleep (with that said, I get around 5h a night and a lot of mums get way less than that).

He’s a fairly easy baby and since we decided on stopping the boob both him and me are soo much happier. A boob free life for everyone! And he is properly smiling now and happy to play.

Yes, I love getting to know my son and now that we are better at leaving the house every day I don’t struggle with sitting on the sofa all the time. I even have time to read my bookclub book now that I’m not trying to breastfeed all the time.

This little cutie pie and me are both enjoying bonding time at the moment
And leaving the house in our big boy clothes.
Yesterday we had lunch with Anton. Good thing to be reminded there is a world out there.

So we chill and play and walk and get to know each other. My little happy guy who loves his gym, windows and lamps plus his parents smiles.

Turn around

George is away and we are busy practicing tummy time. The little guy hates it and just rolls around on his back. Every time. I don’t think that’s the point but at least he’s practicing his rolling. Go Bulgarian mountain warrior!

We are finally getting some kind of normal life. On Tuesday we met Eric for lunch and then the NCT girls and yesterday we had lunch with Linnea and Maja

It’s awesome having some other mums to hang out for the simple fact that they are on the same timelines. Early lunches that easily take two hours since midway you have to feed the bubba.

Other awesome things that happen when you have a baby is that you step in a poo nappy. Well, one of us were happy about it at least. Look at that smug face…

We ( I say we because Lukas is definitely part of that decision) have also decided to stop breastfeeding. He hates it and it takes forever and makes us both miserable.

So for now I pump and do formula and then eventually switch over to only formula. I’m sure he’ll be a happy bunny either way.

He’s got all his mamas and papas love and that is all that matters.

My birthday

It’s 4.30 am and we’ve been up since 3. I’m trying to be really boring so that he gets that it’s sleepy time but he’s so damn cute.

I’m losing the battle…blogging is my last resort.

So let me tell you about my birthday while I try and ignore my kid.

George was amazing and took Lukas the night before. Unfortunately L wanted to make sure it was a proper gift and didn’t sleep from 2 so I woke up to a George at his wits end. He was ready to throw the baby in the wall 🙂

So we just chilled out before getting ready for dinner and drinks in East.

Lukas was dressed up for mama
For the first time since baby I kind of felt like myself. I mean, there are definitely some extra kg left but that’s not the point. I wore normal clothes and just felt…normal.
We headed up to Dishoom for a super early dinner. Us and all the other baby parents.
After dinner we headed to Found where the crew sang for me over the best bday cake. A found cake!
Felt naughty
Lukas is a natural bar fly
It was the perfect bday with my boys and a couple of drinks.
And because glam I had pumped in the bathroom before drinking to make sure ma boy had some delicious mama milk.
Meant I was free to rock and rumble
While making sure my little angel was snug as a bug in a rug being fed and loved.
An absolute perfect birthday filled with love and I must admit to feeling #blessed for my family and generally awesome life.
You are pretty banging my awesome partner in life

Love is all around us

Having a lovely day today. George is giving me a bit of a pre birthday so this morning he left with dog and baby and gave me a lie in. Glorious, glorious lie in.

I sleep quite a lot and I’m definitely not complaining but since I sleep next to Lukas I’m always alert, even when sleeping. So it’s something to say for that totally dead sleep when no one is around.

I was up this morning for my cuddles though. Need those bad boys, them like crack.
And then because George is a legend he had booked me mani/pedi. Just me and an Asian lady not speaking English. The dream. She literally carved off half my feet.

After that me time I met them in Queens head for lunch.

My favourite boys. How can you love this much?
And I I wasn’t teary eyed enough I care home to a package. It was a box of heart candy from Lukas.

To give context. When I was little my dad always gave me these for my bday. I hated all things pink and heart shaped but I loved this box of candy. But I grew older and moved away and my dad stopped buying them.

So to see this from Lukas made me cry. So incredibly sweet to start the tradition again this way. Plus very impressed with Lukas organising this with granddad.

I’m feeling all emotional and filled with love at the moment. Between George’s sweetness, this from dad and mum and my girls coming to London in April I feel surrounded by love and amazing people. I’m so very spoiled.