Crayfishing (i wish)

Planning a crayfish party for the weekend. Just a small thing. But it needs a lot of planning in this country where getting hold of that stuff is a mission. But we have crayfish, garlands and snaps. Now i just need to get my mits on some hats and bibs. And then its a go. Youll see me sucking those bad boys like a pro.

My energy comes and goes. Went to get a massage yesterday and starting pregnancy yoga on Monday. My back is starting to hurt and i pulled a muscle last night. Want to get going on the stretching before it all goes tits up. Sometimes i get reminded im a geriatric pregnancy…i mean, im pretty healthy but my body is not 27 any longer. But i sit on my pilates ball at work and keep up the walking. Like the old lady i am.

George is moving the rooms on thursday. So Friday night (since im missing out on the summer party due to sea sickness) will be all about moving things over for the flat to be ready on Saturday. Nothing like a deadline to get things moving.

George with one of our tomatoes from the garden. Its such a mission to uphold because its so warm and dry this year as well. So next year i think ill skip the garden. Just keep the things that are already there. Its a lot of work for little output in the end (yes, totally feeling lazy)


Even if im not on holiday, im still going to work and staring at that computer every day, its a slow, summer feeling here in London. People are away, its too warm and the french are on holiday.

My life is slow and i have time to think a lot. Happiness, apprehension, worry. All mixed up in my head. Im so happy about Jellybean that seems content growing away in my belly. I worry as well but i mostly feel this settled calm deep inside. Im meant to be your mum. For the first time in a long time things are where they are supposed to be.

I think about the future. I dont worry, just see different scenarios. Moving to Sweden, stay here in London, go somwehere else. Either way we will be good. We are not perfect but we are strong together. We know how to help and lift each other when things get tough.

And we will give that to our lil baby. George with his never ending capacity for love and loyalty, his optimism, his wonder for life, booming laugh and his ability to carry you when you are sad. Me with my compassion and empathy, my dreams and my love for others creativity and my steady presence when you need someone.

We will be good. We will learn how to be your parents together.

Got a new jacket on sale this weekend. Dreaming of the wild, wild west

This is how i walk around at home. Im so warm all the time plus all my clothes except for sweats are so tight. Getting nakey as soon as i get home.

Today im having a pregnancy massage. My back is not very good and to be honest, just spoiling myself a bit.

Lay low at Laylow

What a lovely weekend. Dinner and drinks on Friday, pram checking, dinner and movie on Saturday and meeting up with Caro in Notting Hill on Sunday. Sometimes its nice not having Woolly. Love him but forget how nice it is to be free to roam the streets for an entire weekend.

We have decided on the pram. It will be the Babyzen yoyo. For the price and the size. Its the one easiest to travel with and take on the tube and it will fit in our very narrow flat. God, felt so grown up walking around looking at baby stuff. But, we have it all under control.

This week is busy. Drinks with Kerry and Bernie we met at the wedding on Wednesday, movie with Katta on thursday, Summer party on Friday and crayfish party on Saturday.

However, im a bit worried about the summer party and might sit this one out. Its on a boat and last time i went on one of those i got very seasick. Without being able to take tablets or drink i have a feeling it will be a pretty sad experience.

Friday dinner at Laylow. Such a nice place and the food was delicious. Helps that we gor the royal treatment.

Ha, sorry Katta for this pic. But, its me having my first (single) GT in 5 months. Here in UK they say you can have a drink a week. Havent really done that but since the most critical baby developments stages are over now i thought i have one.

It was heaven.

Selfie time!

George worked the basement bar where a lot of uber cool kids were checking out this jazz band. God, they will regret those biker shorts and neon clothes one day. For now they just made us feel…passe.

But then we went up to Liam and Elliot and got even more love. Ill take being 37 any day.

Went home around 1.30. Felt strong. And then, because im a smug bastard, i woke uo feeling 100%. Definitely the perk of not drinking.

Sunday morning belly pic. Im starting to feel a bit cumbersome. Not really heavy but hard to twist and turn. Going to the midwife tomorrow and will see if she tells me to stop pigging out. Im up to 3.8kg increase but i feel like ive gotten a proper belly. But to be honest, there is a lot of candy being eaten at the moment.

Friday night lights

Friday! Heading out to have dinner with Katta tonight. W is on holiday with his grandma over the weekend so doggo free. That means i can stay out as long as i want to. Which these days probably means like midnight.

The hormones are playing tricks on me though. Up and down, up and down. Like my own quite shitty amusement park. Took a walk with Katta yesterday and we discussed how hard it is in London sometimes. Its such a big, crazy city. Perfect for your 20s, less so when you need friends and family around you. But i know ill miss it like crazy if i leave it.

The belly. Thank god for preggers tights. They look hilarious but they are comfortable to use.

The cuddle master

When i first told my mum i was pregnant she said im going to find that you are pregnant for sooo long. And today feels like that. Im not even half way. I dont mind but i want to meet little jellybean.

And i struggle with my emotions a bit now. Being all over the place. Got upset with my parents yesterday. We are going to Sweden end of the month and was going to be just us, with maybe bro and Sandra, at the country house, and then they told me they are going to be there as well. And i lost it. There is so much pent up tiredness and this was going to be our one time being away alone before baby.

So sorry dad that i got upset. As the classic goes; its not you, its me. I just fly off the handle a bit. I need a break that isnt being bridesmaid in Spain, seeing all my friends in sthlm or living with polish people at a fun, but hectic wedding. Everything has gone so fast. Stomach bug, treatment, getting pregnant and all the traveling. But thats the classic life puzzle isnt it. ‘Holiday’ is for when the baby pops out.

Cuddling with Woolly yesterday. Hes already protecting the belly. He can definitely tell something is up.

Hey there little favourite man. Your my best chill out pal.

Slow days

Working from home today. Realised I’ve been traveling every week since I got pregnant. That’s 4 months. So enjoying the Paris holidays and chilling.

It’s funny, at 37 I’ve never had to listen as much to my body as I do now. Some days I’m so tired I’m dead on my feet.

I’ve also signed up for some free shit. Trying to milk all the coupons that’s out there. This baby stuff is expensive so every little counts.

I’m sorry I have nothing more exciting to tell you. Not really competing with everyone else’s holiday pictures.

Baby update

4 months today. As in 15 weeks. Crazy. Getting close to the half way mark. Feeling all good. Except for the heat i have no problems at all. I have gained 3.5kg and the baby bump is real in the evenings. I generally feeling really good, my stomach is better and no other issues have surfaced. Im enjoying cruising through this at the moment. And eating everything. Im definitely enjoying the eating.

Next midwife appointment is next week and in another month we get to know the sex of the baby. But im kinda enjoying it just being a little jellybean at the moment. I even feel like i have the maternity savings under control. Being all grown up and shit.

4 months belly. Filled with baguette and cheese as well.

Heres my 1, 3 and 4 months. The second one was mostly gas :). Felt huge in that first month picture.

Im really enjoying this at the moment but cant wait to start feeling the baby. The best thing is that i live my life pretty much like normal. Im not supposed to sleep on my back any longer and today is the first day im wearing preggers jeans but otherwise all standard life.