So glad im not living in a fur pyjamas

Still crazy hot in London. Woolly and me go from room to room to find some heat and George, being used to this, chills on the soda watching movies.

I decided to get myself a blow up pool. Pool party this saturday. Feel like its going to be the most well spent £50 ever. Otherwise its all lazy days. W and me are hanging this week and George is working Imbibe monday and tuesday.

Its so hot my garden is almost dying but i keep watering and some things are surviving. My sweet peas are smelling beutifully by the door.

On Friday i dressed up for drinks with the girls at the new Soho House in White city.

Love this dress, makes me feel like a riviera dream. Perfect for hot days as well.

Your normal friday night shenanigans. Glad i have my swedes to be part of my London family.

Me and my ladies Lily and Rachel. Lily is crazy busy at the moment selling her kimchi (she runs a kimchi business) at secret cinema at the moment so it was lovely to see her.

We drank cocktails and talked men. The others are all single so i felt like to old sage women being engaged and all.

Ha, allow me to laugh at being the wise one. My tips of meeting your man at a star wars party at maintaining the relationship by all the sofa time and endless snuggles is a winner though.

Espresso martinis.

Three shades of tan.

Katta photo bombing our selfie. The place is lovely with a big roof terrace but a bit too fancy schmamcy for my taste and now i have my own pool…

Like cinderella i left when it hit midnight and went home to W. The girls stayed on until 3. My head thanked me the morning after.

Saturday mornings in the garden is the best. Like Katta said, its like we have a third room when the weather is like this.

Chilled under my umbrella and saw the world slowly pass by.

Around 4 Katta came to join me and we are fruit and berries and listened to swede music.

And ice cream of course, always ice cream.

George came home with food and reminded we were set to go to a bday party. While they finished dinner i jumped into the shower to try and clean up a bit after a day swimming in my own sweat.

Channeled Blair in gossip girl.

We headed East (always) and met up with the crew. Because summer and redbull we ended going to a crazy house party to 4am. Unplanned but hey, sometimes you need that too.

We had all the fun and owned the dance floor so totally worth it.

However, sunday was a write off. W and me went from room to room trying to find some shade. Too hot for dogs in fur pyjamas and hang over ladies.

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